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Episode 15 | The Enduring Legacy of Ada Lovelace

Episode 15 | The Enduring Legacy of Ada Lovelace

October 11, 2022

Ada Lovelace was one of the world's first computer programmers, becoming an influential figure in history, and highlighting a path for women to take up a career in STEM industries (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths).

Inspired by Ada Lovelace day, Sarah Hanna, Gordon Coe, and Himani Gupta take a look at the extraordinary life of Ada, discussing how women today can benefit from greater exposure to careers in STEM and develop the employability skills to follow this path.

Episode 14 | Neurodiversity - what makes us all uniquely human

Episode 14 | Neurodiversity - what makes us all uniquely human

July 8, 2022

Neurodiversity is a term originally coined by Australian sociologist, Judy Singer, and was first seen in print in 1998. However, neurodivergence has been known and talked about for over 100 years.

Neurodiversity looks at the traits people exhibit, and identifies groups of people and commonality.

This podcast challenges some of the myths that surround neurodiversity as our participants discuss the positive impact being neuro diverse can have in the workplace, the importance of looking at the strengths of neuro diverse people, and the range of approaches different brains bring to the table. In addition, they touch on how masking these differences to 'keep up appearances' can become tiring and unsustainable.

With the neuro diverse population at around 1 in 8 – this is an important and eye-opening conversation.


Recorded 29th June 2022

Episode 13 | The Digital Divide

Episode 13 | The Digital Divide

May 19, 2022

#FixTheDigitalDivide is the key message of Good Things Foundation - Methods' charity partner of the year. To understand more what fixing the digital divide means in society today, User Researcher Sarah Hanna met with Helen Milner, Group Chief Executive of Good Things Foundation, and Content Designer Alison Evans, to discuss how the pandemic has created a deeper divide as more organisations sought to move services online. From booking a doctor's appointment, to taking part in an interview, or applying for much needed benefits - they ask whether we should push ahead with digital transformation, if by so doing we create further exclusions.

Recorded 27th April 2022

Episode 12 | Responsible Leadership

Episode 12 | Responsible Leadership

April 21, 2022

John C Maxwell stated “Everything rises and falls on leadership”.

In our latest podcast, Ola Phillips, Stuart Ecuyer, Chris Sykes, and Temi Akindele discuss what they think makes a ‘responsible leader’ – touching on different leadership styles, the responsibility of role models, the theory of leadership, and how a responsible leader should live by the standards they set.

This podcast raises the question of whether great leaders stand the test of time, or whether sometimes a ‘season’ leader is all that is required.


Recorded 13th April 2022

Episode 11 | Celebrating International Women’s Day - Leading digital transformation - why women do it so well

Episode 11 | Celebrating International Women’s Day - Leading digital transformation - why women do it so well

March 8, 2022

To shine a light on some of the women we work with who successfully have forged their careers in somewhat historically male dominated environments,  Jane FallonHannah PinnockSam Hall, Bee KellyMersha Aftab and Jude Jennison come together to discuss ‘Leading Digital Transformation – why women do it so well’.

Working across the pubic sector, these six inspirational women reflect on the joint vision to do public services better, and the need to have the right organisation and cultural change in place, which works when ‘action centered leadership’ is adopted.

This interesting discussion covers themes of authenticity in the work place, balancing emotions and behaviours, valuing trust, building workplaces that allow everyone to thrive, and taking time for self reflection.


Recorded 24th February 2022

Episode 10 | Setting priorities, expectations, and boundaries as a single or solo parent

Episode 10 | Setting priorities, expectations, and boundaries as a single or solo parent

January 26, 2022

Suzanne Maxted, Jennee Thomas and Jane Fallon discuss the themes of sustainability, invisibility and opportunity as they navigate bringing up children as single or solo working parents.

They discuss the need to deal with the weight of the expectations of others, managing priorities and setting boundaries and the importance of working in an environment that supports flexible working to successfully balance life with children.

This is an eye-opening listen, full of relatable stories that bring home the unique challenges faced by single and solo parents.


Recorded 9th December 2021.

Episode 9 | Design for Local Government

Episode 9 | Design for Local Government

December 9, 2021

The power of design is well documented and evidenced across the board. We've seen central government transform over the last decade, but this change has not filtered through to local government in the same way.

Hannah Pinnock (Design Strategist) and Jane Fallon (Head of Digital for the Midlands) explore how the structures and governance of local government actively resist the adoption of design approaches, and discuss how we begin to clear the way for design and digital.

This podcast is a audio recording of a webinar from the Digital Leaders Innovation Week which ran between the 8th - 12th November 2021.

Episode 8 | Celebrating Black history month

Episode 8 | Celebrating Black history month

October 6, 2021

Throughout October we are celebrating Black History Month.

Join Mike Raphael, Trudy Beharry and Jadene Aderonmu to hear how they navigated being black whilst growing up and forging careers in the UK. This podcast will make you laugh and cry, and highlights the diversity of experience of black people in the UK.


Recorded 21st September 2021.

Episode 7 | Is low-code the future?

Episode 7 | Is low-code the future?

September 23, 2021

Local authorities across the UK have begun exploring the benefits, but few are currently making the most of low code platforms.  Mike Holmes joins Matt Culpin to discuss the benefits of low code platforms in the public sector and examine the considerations and requirements of widely adopting and integrating a low code approach.
An insightful discussion for anyone considering the adoption of a low code platform.


Recorded 21st September 2021


Episode 6 | Celebrating World Youth Skills Day

Episode 6 | Celebrating World Youth Skills Day

July 14, 2021

Acknowledging World Youth Skills Day, our latest podcast highlights the importance of technical and vocational educational training, and equipping young people with the skills they need for the future.

In todays workplace there is an ever increasing significance of skills that are not spoken about at school, or typically subjects you can learn at university, the global pandemic for example has showed us just this with technology playing a vital role in our survival. As such it is ever more important that the youth of today have the opportunity to learn about digital opportunities and skillsets that will create a sustainable model for the future.

Matt Culpin hosts this podcast and is joined by Trudy Beharry (Head of ServiceNow Practice), Zoe Lewis (Executive Director of Professional Services), Roger Bearpark (Senior Delivery Manager at Methods Analytics) and Jake Wilkins (ServiceNow Systems Administrator), who joined Methods in 2020 after going through the Midlands youth initiative, Digisheds.


Recorded 6th July 2021

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